Bethel Pentecostal Cemetery:

June Thompson
Victor W. Dawe
Frederick George Dibbon
Ernest Kelly
Jacob French
Frank G Dawe
Stephen Greenland
Clifford Pittman Russell
Isaac Samways
Wilfred Roy Kelly
Joseph Bradbury
St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery:
Allan Batten
Harold Batten
Harold Roy Batten
William Ernest Boone
Walter Batten
William Robert Batten
Albert H. Bartlett
Robert J. Boone
St. Luke's Anglican Church Cemetery:
George Heber Maidment
John G. Tucker
Jacob Dawe
Eric Francis Taylor
Tobias Tucker
Josiah Porter
Samuel G. Dawe
Heber Dawe
St. Luke's Anglican Cemetery:
William Christopher
Bertram Porter
Solomon T. Porter
William H. Porter
Mary G. Tucker
Ralph Morgan
Gordon Porter
Trinity United Church Cemetery:
Clifford Harvey Badcock
Leonard Snow
Chesley E. H. Sparkes
Clarke's Beach United Church Cemetery:
Gordon Gerald Snow
Harold Mugford
Augustus F. Eveleigh
J. Don Hussey
Bertie Vineham
Chesley Filler
Dougal S. Mugford
Clarke's Beach Pentecostal Cemetery:
Hayward W. Smith
Roman Catholic Cemetery:
Michael J. Lawlor
Augustus V. Neville
Ronald Neville
Bernard M. Murphy
Cyril John Murphy
John Michael Quinlan
Bernard Quinlan
Cyril Patrick Blyde
Vincent Noseworthy
George C. Dunn
George Dunn
Pentecostal Cemetery, Port de Grave:
Samuel Strange
Nathaniel Bishop
United Church Cemetery:
William R. Paul
Jacob Bussey
Port de Grave Un-Named Cemetery:
George Alison Strange
Marjorie Bendell
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Lest We Forget II
This page is a Record of the Grave Sites of Veteran's Interred in Local Cemeteries. May They All Rest In Peace. Lest We Forget Their Sacrifice
Note: Click on name to see photograph of gravesite.
Salvation Army Cathills Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
John G. Cave
Herman Elms
Alexander Mercer
Joseph Snow
William J. Brown
Cyril Seward
St. Matthew's Anglican Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Bethlehem Mercer
Reuben Parsons
Dora Lillian Pepper
Herbert Walsh
Eric R. Wood
William T. Snow
Hayward Mercer
Frank G. Mercer
Gordon French
John H. Mercer
Thomas Coveyduck
Archibald Badcock
Central United Church Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Joseph E. Miller
Ernest W. Snow
William J. Brown
Charles V. Oakley
William F. Baggs
George W. White
Thomas J. Mercer
 Arthur Badcock
William R. Mercer
Warren P. Snow
Warren R. Bradbury
Edwin C. Mercer
Malcolm French
Edward Trenchard
Frank E. Wheeler
Ralph Barrett
Walter Harold Russell
Salvation Army Cemetery,
Coleys Point:
William Moore
Thomas Cyril Brown
John C Bishop
Joseph Barrett
WM. J. Bill Spencer
Wallace H. Pike
Graham Bursey
William L. Thompson
Ruben French
George W. Thompson
St John the Evangelist Anglican Church Cemetery, Coleys Point:
Stanley M. Bradbury
Arthur James French Sr.
Arthur Somerton D.S.M.
Henry J. Gover
George Graham Crosbie
Samson Hemell
Albert Snow
William Russell
Frank Yetman
William Mercer
Gerald Skinner
Leonard T. Stick
John James Snow
Lorenzo Roberts
Roy G. Andrews
Joseph Henry Bishop
William J. Reid
Thomas William Jeans
Grace United Church Cemetery,
Coleys Point:
Joseph Mullett
Lewis Norman Mercer
Thomas George Mercer
Herbert Belbin
Arthur W. Russell
Abram Morgan
Eli Boland
Winston Stuart Gosse
St. Mark's Anglican Church Cemetery:
Maxwell Mercer
Samuel Brown
Robert A. Dyckson
Wallace Pike
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