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Veteran Biographies
This page is dedicated to our local veteran's and contains biographies written by the family and friends of these veteran's. All veteran's in the areas served by The Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 32 will eventually be available and this page will be updated as they are written.
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William John Brown
Fred Dibbon
Eric Wood
Unless You've Been a Soldier
By Clive Sanders

Unless you've been a soldier,
You just won't understand.
The things that we have seen and done,
In the service of our land.
We have trained to live in combat,
To cope with awful sights,
That shouldn't be seen by anyone
And keep you awake at nights.

We don't discuss the wounds we have,
To the body or the mind.
We just put our hurts behind us,
And turn our memories to blind.
We are proud we served our country,
And remember those we lost.
For the freedom that you have today,
They paid the awful cost.

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Paul Brown
Archibald (Arch) Badcock
Gordon Porter
Eric Francis Taylor
Roy Gilbert Andrews
Edgar Joseph Miller
Walter H. Russell