This Page is a Record of the Grave Sites of Veterans Interred in Local, Provincial, National and International Cemeteries. May They All Rest In Peace. Lest We Forget Their Sacrifice!
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Note 2: This is a work in progress and if you have additions, corrections or additional information, please contact Comrade Harold Brown at
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"Lest We Forget"
Bethel Pentecostal Cemetery, Bay Roberts:

June Thompson
St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Bareneed:
Allan Batten
Harold Batten
William Ernest Boone
Walter Batten
William Robert Batten
Albert H. Bartlett
Robert J. Boone
Trinity United Church 
Churchyard Cemetery, Shearstown:
Clifford Harvey Badcock
Leonard Snow
Chesley E. H. Sparkes
Clarke's Beach Old United Church Cemetery:
Gordon Gerald Snow
Harold Mugford
Augustus F. Eveleigh
J. Don Hussey
Bertie Vineham
Chesley Fillier
Dougal S. Mugford
Clarke's Beach New United Church Cemetery:
Aubrey Burt
All Hallows Roman Catholic Cemetery, North River:
Michael J. Lawlor BEM
Augustus V. Neville
Ronald Neville
Bernard M. Murphy
Cyril John Murphy
John Michael Quinlan
Bernard Quinlan
Cyril Patrick Blyde
Vincent Noseworthy
George C. Dunn
James Dunn
Pentecostal Cemetery, Port de Grave:
Samuel Strange
Nathaniel Bishop
United Church Cemetery, Port de Grave:
William R. Paul
Jacob Bussey
Old United Church Cemetery,
Port de Grave:
George Alison Strange
Marjorie Bendell
St. Matthew's Anglican Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Reuben Parsons
Dora Lillian Pepper
Herbert Walsh
Eric R. Wood
William T. Snow
Hayward Mercer WW I
Frank Gordon Mercer
Hayward Mercer
Thomas Coveyduck
Archibald Badcock
Central United Church Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Edgar Joseph Miller
Ernest W. Snow
William J. Brown
Charles V. Oakley
William F. Baggs
George W. White
Thomas J. Mercer
 Arthur Badcock
William R. Mercer
Warren P. Snow
Warren R. Bradbury
Edwin C. Mercer
Malcolm French
Edward Trenchard
Frank E. Wheeler
Ralph Barrett
Walter Harold Russell
Salvation Army Cemetery,
Coleys Point:
William Moore MM
Thomas Cyril Brown
John C Bishop
Joseph Barrett
WM. J. Bill Spencer
Wallace H. Pike
Graham Bursey
William L. Thompson
Ruben French
George W. Thompson
Grace United Church Cemetery,
Coleys Point:
Joseph Mullett
Lewis Norman Mercer
Thomas George Mercer
Herbert Belbin
Arthur W. Russell
Abram Morgan
Eli Boland
Helen Ruth (Batten) Gosse
Robert A. Dyckson
Last Veteran of WW I
Clarence Roy Morgan
William D. Mercer
All Hallows Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Bridget (Bride) Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Clement Leslie Newell
Victor Perrin Newell
Charles Stevens
Samuel Petten
Benjamin Batten
Mount Patricia Cemetery, Corner Brook:
Arthur George French
Old United Church Cemetery, Bareneed:
Kenneth Serrick Newell
CWGC Certificate
CWGC Certificate
CWGC Certificate
St. Matthew's Old Anglican Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Victor Charles Dawe
William Barrett
Percy G. Mercer
William Hayward Norman
Robert H. Butler
Harold Roy Batten
All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery, South River:
Graham Coveyduck
James Holwell
Joseph Chesley Marshall
Barbara Stella Marshall
Charles H. Pevie
Cyril F. Richards
Ernest J. Newell
Joseph Moore
Ernest R. Spracklin
Kilchattan Old Churchyard Cemetery, Isle of Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, Scotland:
John Bowen Mercer - CWGC Certificate- Memorial 
Salvation Army Cemetery, Blackmarsh Road, St. John's:
Roy Yetman
Peter P. Franey
Memorial Stone
Cimetière Mont-Royal Outremont, Montreal Region, PQ:
Harry Andrews
James Barnes
William R. Mercer
Robert M. Norman
Herbert Belbin Bowering
Hector Dawe
Edward G. Trenchard
Levi John Snow
William Charles Norman
Victor Raymond French
All Hallows Roman Catholic Cemetery, South River:
John L. Fowler
Richard Fowler
Edward Byrne
St. Andrew's Anglican Church Cemetery, Makinsons:
George F. Bussey
Joseph Cousins
Stewart Dixon
Clarke's Beach Pentecostal Cemetery:
Hayward W. Smith
Ronald E. Snow
Salvation Army Cemetery, Clarke's Beach:
Aubrey R. Fudge
Howard Taylor
St. George's Anglican Church Cemetery, North River:
George Atkins
Patrick Skanes
Salvation Army Cathills Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
John G. Cave
Herman Elms
Alexander Mercer
Joseph Snow
William J. Brown
Cyril Seward
Victor W. Dawe
Frederick George Dibbon
Ernest Kelly
Jacob French
Frank Gilbert Dawe
Malcolm W. Greenland
Clifford Pittman Russell
Isaac Samways
Wilfred Roy Kelly
Joseph Bradbury
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Churchyard Cemetery, Coleys Point:
Stanley Malcolm Bradbury
Arthur James French Sr.
Arthur Somerton D.S.M.
Henry J. Gover
George Graham Crosbie
Samson Hemell
Albert Snow
William Russell
Frank Yetman
William Mercer
Gerald Skinner
Leonard T. Stick
John James Snow
Lorenzo Roberts
Roy G. Andrews
Joseph Henry Bishop
William J. Reid
Thomas William Jeans
Trinity United Church Old Cemetery, Shearstown:
Donald French
Graham Mercer
George W. Atkins
William D. Power
John P. Long
Mike Morrissey
Stephen J. Morrissey
Thomas J. Noseworthy
James H. Snow
Allen Russell
Seventh-Day Adventist Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Chesley Batten
Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie, ON:
Wallace Lesley Snow
Walter Taylor
John Batten Bartlett
John Bradbury
Robert Bradbury
Samuel Parsons
 United Church Cemetery,
George Pye
Emma Melvena Pye
Clarence L. Bartlett
John Edwin Richards WW I
Back of Headstone
Robert J. Mercer
Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, NS: 
Nathan Churchill
CWGC Certificate
Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY: 
Azariah Mercer
Westview Cemetery, Lexington, Middlesex County, MA: 
Charles W. Mercer
Albert Parsons
Chesley G. Mercer
Forest Road Anglican  Cemetery, St. John's:
Arthur Parsons
John Snow
William Parsons D.S.M.
Alexander J. Porter
Memorial Stone
George Thompson Snow
Memorial Stone
Alexander Edward Dwyer
Thomas F. Dempsey
Central United Church (Old) Cemetery, Bay Roberts:
Malcolm Bradbury
George French
Bertram Mercer
John C. Harding
Hayward Bradbury
Joseph Alvan Norman
Memorial Stone
Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Burnaby, BC: 
William John Marshall
Skyway Memorial Gardens, Palmetto, Manatee County, FL: 
Leonard St. Albin Field
Charles Calpin
James S. Norman
Nathan French
Woodbrook Cemetery, Woburn, Middlesex County, MA: 
Robert Arthur Batten
Gilbert Martin
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Harry Mercer
Memorial Stone
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church Cemetery, Coleys Point:
Memorial Stone
John Edwin Richards
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
The Gardens Cemetery, West Roxbury, Suffock County, MA: 
Hubert Stanley Greenland
Joseph Roach
Memorial Plaque
Memorial Stone
Walter J. Dawson
Wilfred Campbell Parsons
John Boone Mercer
Harry Augustus Wells
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Frank C. Randell
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Bertha (Mercer) Hierlihy
St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Conception Bay South:
Arthur Dawe
James Skanes
Percy Gilbert Mercer
Anchor Point Old Anglican Cemetery, St. Barbe:
Cyril Porter - (Photo not yet available)
Gospel Preachers Cemetery, Shearstown:
James Dwyer (No Headstone)
Wallace A. Wells
Gordon Chafe
Henry Saunders
Memorial Stone
Shearstown Pentecostal Cemetery:
Wilson James Seward
Vincent Power
Daniel J. Cummings
Memorial Stone
Chesley G. Pye
Joseph Newell
Harris G. Mugford
Patrick Michael Morrissey
Harold Roy Batten
Leslie Watson Batten
St. Boniface Anglican Cemetery, Bell Island:
Nathan Boone - Obituary - Photo
St. Luke's Old Anglican Church Cemetery, Port de Grave:
George Heber Maidment
John Charles Tucker
Jacob Dawe
Eric Francis Taylor
Tobias Tucker
Josiah Porter
Samuel George Dawe
Heber Dawe
St. Luke's New Anglican Church Cemetery, Port de Grave:
William Christopher
Bertram Porter
Solomon T. Porter
William H. Porter
Mary G. Tucker
Ralph Morgan
Gordon Porter
Albert Porter
William C. Dawe
William George Morgan
George Henry Tucker
Hayward Dawe
Ralph Petten
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Albert George Morgan
George Tucker
St. Mark's Anglican Church Cemetery, Shearstown:
Maxwell Mercer
Samuel Brown
Albert Mercer
Robert Parsons
William Parsons
Allan H. Badcock
George Allan Mercer
John J. Mercer
Linda S. Bennett
Thomas E. Seymour
Lloyd Mercer
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone
 United Church Cemetery,
Hedley Lake
Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, Peabody, Essex County, MA: 
John Edward Baggs
Meadow Green Cemetery, Huron, Erie County, OH: 
Hedley B. Bartlett
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA: 
James Stuart Boone
Beechmount Cemetery,
Edmonton, AB: 
Louis Frederick Newell
Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Langhorne, Bucks County, PA: 
John Edward Babcock
Woodland Cemetery,
Hamilton, ON: 
William French
Kenmount Road Anglican  Cemetery, St. John's:
Raymond Chesley Wells
Lester Gordon Collins
Holy Sepulchre Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mount Pearl:
Bernard Francis Delaney
Samuel Morgan
Pentecostal (Old) Cemetery, Makinsons:
Henry Taylor
Thomas Dawe
General Protestant Cemetery, Waterford Bridge Road, St. John's:
John Barrett
Sangro River War Cemetery, Torino di Sangro, Abruzzo, Italy:
Samuel Moore
CWGC Certificate
Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens,
Winnipeg, MB: 
Herbert Mercer
Clyde J. Boone
Bruce Wheeler
Gilbert Mercer
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, James Lane, St. John's:
Paul Brown
Allan Parsons
Samuel Bradbury
Kenneth Tucker
Wilfred Tucker
Esau Mercer
Henry Deering
Herbert Hussey
Albert Richards
St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery, Harbour Grace:
Henry Peddle
Total Identified Veteran's = 530 (and counting)
"Lest We Forget"
Edward John Bradbury
James F. Mercer
Maxwell Donald Mercer
Isaac Earle
A. Stanley Bussey
Allan Bishop
St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bell Island:
Philip P. Delaney - Memorial Stone
Colebrook Cemetery, Whitman, Plymouth County, MA: 
William John French
Ocean View Burial Park,
Burnaby, BC: 
William Albert Dawe MC MM
Beaumont-Hamel Memorial Park, Picardie, France:
Maxwell J. Mercer - CWGC Certificate - Photo
John O'Rourke - CWGC Certificate
John Parsons - CWGC Certificate - Medallion
John Russell - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Eli Sparks - CWGC Certificate - Certificate
Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres,
William Barrett - CWGC Certificate
James Caravan (No Memorial Photo) - Article -  CWGC Certificate
William C. Hood - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Menin Road South Military Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium:
Henry (Harry) Brown - CWGC Certificate
Marcoing British Cemetery,
Hugh P. Bowden MM - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Robert North - CWGC Certificate
Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery, Devon, United Kingdom:
David Butler - CWGC Certificate
Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery, Devon, United Kingdom:
Harry H. Parsons - CWGC Certificate
Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery, France:
Harold A. Russell - CWGC Certificate
Hasler Royal Naval Cemetery, Hampshire, United Kingdom:
Clifford C. Ballam - CWGC Certificate
Aberdeen (Springbank) Cemetery, Scotland:
Nelson L. Gordon  (No Memorial Photo) - CWGC Certificate
Upper Fahan Church of Ireland Churchyard Cemetery, Ireland:
Roy B. Mcleod - CWGC Certificate
Lowestoft Naval Memorial, Suffock, United Kingdom:
John Harris Mercer - CWGC Certificate
Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, United Kingdom:
Donald D. Snow - CWGC Certificate
Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Manila, Philippines:
Harry Mercer - US Army Certificate - Photo 
Halifax Memorial, Halifax,
Nova Scotia:
William C. Cave - CWGC Certificate
William S. Morgan - CWGC Certificate
Sutherland Snow - CWGC Certificate
St. John's Norway Cemetery, The Beaches, Toronto, ON:
Arthur John Hoyles Earle
Herbert S. Russell
Thomas Copley - CWGC Certificate
Solomon French
Lyle Mercer
Nathaniel Mercer
Richard Augustus Parsons
Solferino Farm Cemetery, West Flanders, Belgium:
Robert Stanley Morgan - CWGC Certificate - Photo 
Sebastian Parsons
Fraser (IOOF) Cemetery,
New Westminister, BC: 
Cyril Thompson
Mountain View Cemetery,
Metro Vancouver, BC: 
George J. Sparks
Herbert Caravan
Prospect Cemetery, St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON:
Lot Thomas Earle
Canadian Armed Forces Monument
Greenwood Cemetery,
Port Alberni, BC: 
John Langley Mosdell DCM
Nathaniel Ian Butler
Harry Newell - (Photo not yet available)
Kenneth S. Newell - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland :
Victor Perrin Newell
CWGC Certificate
Royal Newfoundland Regiment Section
Bajus Churchyard, Bajus, Pas-de-Calais, France:
William C. Norman - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Sancourt British Cemetery, Sancourt, Pas-de-Calais, France:
John T. Snow - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Allan Mercer - CWGC Certificate
William G. Morgan - CWGC Certificate
Nathan Mugford - CWGC Certificate - Photo
William J. Neville - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Frederick Sealey - CWGC Certificate
Leonard Evans - CWGC Certificate - Photo
William Henry Dawe - CWGC Certificate
Robert Henry Butler - CWGC Certificate - Photo
John Rose MM - CWGC Certificate
Harry Augustus Wells - CWGC Certificate
David Richards - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Arthur Badcock - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Etaples Military Cemetery, Etaples, Pas-de-Calais, France:
Levi John Snow - CWGC Certificate
Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel, France:
Stewart Malcolm Boone - CWGC Certificate
Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France:
Stewart Dawe - CWGC Certificate
Saint Sever Cemetery, Haute-Normandie, France:
George Graham Crosbie - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Dury Crucifix Cemetery,  Dury, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France:
Percy G. Mercer - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery,  Poperinge, West Flanders, Belgium:
Victor C. Dawe - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Glasgow Western Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland:
Eric Francis Taylor - CWGC Certificate
Cement House Cemetery, West Flanders, Belgium:
Clement Leslie Newell - CWGC Certificate
Herbert Tucker  (No Memorial Photo)- CWGC Certificate
Christopher Butler - CWGC Certificate
Cologne Southern Cemetery,
Koln, Germany:
Herbert James Belbin - CWGC Certificate
Chatham Naval Memorial,
Kent, United Kingdom:
Arthur Neville - CWGC Certificate - Photo
William Neville - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Plymouth Naval Memorial,
Devon, United Kingdom:
William F. Baggs - CWGC Certificate - Page 143 
Francis Michael Corbett
William John Dawe
Hill 10 Cemetery, Gallipoli, Canakkale, Turkey:
Michael John Blyde - CWGC Certificate - Photo
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery, Marystown:
Richard Farrell
Frank V. Andrews - CWGC Certificate
Frank V. Andrews - (CWGC Certificate)
Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Nord Pas-de-Calais, France:
Nathan Anthony - (aka Nathan Frost)
CWGC  Certificates - Anthony -- Frost 
Maywell/Malcolm French - CWGC Certificate - Photo
CWGC Certificate
Perris Valley Cemetery,  Perris, Riverside County, CA: 
Thomas Tremlett Mercer
Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney, Cape Breton County, NS: 
Charles Herbert Bradbury
Old Valley Road Cemetery,
Grand Falls-Windsor:
George Mercer - Memorial Stone
Salvation Army Union Street Cemetery, Grand Falls-Windsor:
John Albert Spencer - Memorial Stone
Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn,
Essex County, MA: 
Walter Snow
Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery,  Los Altos, Santa Clara County, CA: 
John A. Winter
Robert W. Gardner
Alfred Alexander Andrews
Ballington Stevens - CWGC Certificate
Bourlon Wood Cemetery, Bourlon, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France:
Maxwell Stevens - CWGC Certificate
Archibald Mercer
Piapot Cemetery, Piapot, Maple Creek Census Division, SK: 
Ananias Jensen Mercer
Bernard Fitzpatrick
William Coveyduck
Alfred Smith Memorial Cemetery,  Sydney Forks, Cape Breton County, NS: 
Albert Butler
Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, Middlesex County, MA: 
James Mugford
Nanaimo Municipal Cemetery,
Nanaimo, BC: 
Herman Llewelyn Richards
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery,
Calgary, AB: 
Leonard Corbett
East Lawn Cemetery, East Haven, New Haven County, CT: 
Clarence R. Coveyduck
Benjamin Stevens
CWGC Certificate
St. John's Anglican Cemetery, Halifax, NS: 
Henry William Russell
Ralph Wilcox
Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, Capital Regional District, BC: 
John Edward French
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI: 
George Roland Eddy
Windsor Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Windsor, ON:
Benjamin Curnew - (Photo not yet available)
William Richards Dawe O.B.E.
Samuel George Tucker
Arthur Morgan
Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District, BC: 
William Bussey
Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Penobscot County, ME: 
Arthur E. Andrews
Linthrope Cemetery,  Linthorpe,
North Yorkshire, UK:
Jacob Bussey 1742X - CWGC Certificate
Patrick Power
Millinocket Cemetery, Millinocket, Penobscot County, ME: 
William Richard Lyons
Old Saint Raymond's Cemetery, Bronx, Bronx County, NY: 
Bernard George Dunn
CWGC Certificate
John Charles Tucker - CWGC Certificate
Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, North Okanagan Regional District, BC: 
George Stanley Dawe
CWGC Certificate
Bertram Batten
Saint Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Glace Bay, Cape Breton County, NS: 
Ralph Turner
Memorial Stone
Tranchee de Mecknes,  Aix-Noulette, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France:
John Gardiner Spracklin - CWGC Certificate
Dochy Farm New British Cemetery, Poelkapelle, West Flanders , Belgium:
Aaron Keeping Douglas - CWGC Certificate
Rose Hill Cemetery, Mason, Warren County, OH: 
Freeman Murray Andrews - Obituary
William Hall - CWGC Certificate
James Henry Mercer
Warwick Rees
William H. Norman - CWGC Certificate - Photo
St. James Cemetery, Parliament Street, Toronto, ON:
George Anderson Wells
Harvey Earle
William James Earle
Forest Hill Anglican Cemetery, Digby, Digby County, NS: 
Walter Maxwell Farrell
(Headstone not available)
George Ralph
Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Burlington, Halton Municipality, ON:
James Francis Neville
George Calvin Hall
Roy William Myers
Ebenezer Kelly
James P. Delaney
All Saint's Anglician Cemetery #3, Foxtrap:
William H. Blagdon
All Saints Anglican Cemetery #4, Foxtrap:
Walter Morgan
Topsail United Church Cemetery, Topsail:
William L. Mercer
St. John The Evangelist Anglican Cemetery, Topsail:
Elfreda (Farrell) Boland - Photo
Duncan Collins
Bowmanville Crematorium, Bowmanville, ON:
Benjamin Gilbert Batten
Walter B. Crosbie Jr.
CWGC Certificate
John Snow 5131
Lawrence K. Dicks
Eugene Mercer
CWGC Certificate
CWGC Certificate
CWGC Certificate
Rheinberg War Cemetery, Rheinberg, Kreis Wesel, Germany:
Victor Raymond French - CWGC Certificate
Wilfred Bussey
Robert Morgan
Berlin Cemetery, Berlin,
Camden County, NJ: 
Walter Russell (WW I)
Isaac Boone - (Cenotaph)
St Andrew's and St James Cemetery,
 Orillia, Simcoe County, ON:
Isaac Boone
George Brown
Archibald Parsons
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Roland P. Neville - (Photo not yet available)
Mount Pleasant Field of Honour Memorial
St John's Cemetery, Lancaster, Worcester County, MA: 
Robert Badcock
John Francis Quinlan
Gordon Joshua Tucker
William Cecil Doucet Richards
John Charles Parsons - (Cenotaph)
Edward George Bradbury
Queen's Park Cemetery and Mausoleum, Calgary, AB: 
Kathleen (Wilcox) Bramston
Kevin M. Joy - Course Photo
John (Jack) Ploughman
Roland Vernon Ploughman
James Gerald Edward Ploughman
United Church Cemetery, Musgrave Harbour, Notre Dame Bay:
Herman George Mercer
Dartmouth Memorial Gardens and Atlantic Funeral Home, Dartmouth, NS: 
Raymond Augustus Keefe
George Edward Snow
Sainte Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, Haute-Normandie, France:
Francis Wilson Bateman - CWGC Certificate - In Memorium 
Aurora Cemetery, Aurora, York Regional Municipality, ON:
Douglas Gordon Spurrell
Robert James Mercer
Saint Peter's Cemetery, London, Middlesex County, ON:
John A. Kielly aka Kielley
All Saints Cemetery, Central Census Division, Gander:
Clement Lorne Elms
Gander Civilian Cemetery Old, Central Census Division, Gander:
Wilfred Nathan French
Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic
Cemetery, Chatsworth, Grey County, ON:
James P. Kielly
Haliburton Cemetery, Haliburton, Pictou County, NS:
Nelson Leslie Gordon - Cenotaph
John Abraham "Ted" Gordon M.B.E.
Saint Desir War Cemetery, Saint-Desir, Basse-Normandie, France:
Harold Royston Batten - CWGC Certificate
Chapple Cemetery, Barwick, Rainy River District, ON:
Frederick James Howard
Ronald J. Delaney
York Cemetery, Toronto, Toronto Municipality, ON:
William Clarence Mercer (Rev)
Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany:
Gilbert Herbert Batten - CWGC Certificate
Hubert Mercer
St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Cemetery, Whitbourne:
Roland Mercer
Pine Hills Cemetery, Scarborough, Toronto Municipality, ON:
William Ernest Rumboldt
Frank Tipple
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lower Sackville, Halifax County, NS: 
Sarah "Sadie" (Russell) White