This page is dedicated to our local modern day veterans who have served or are still serving. The biographies can either be written by the member or by family and friends. We thank them for their sacrifice and service to our country.
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Gary Badcock
Nicole Badcock
Brian Fitzpatrick
Gordon Mercer
Cliff Yetman
Isaac (Ike) Mercer
George Trask
Charles (Charlie) Smith
Gravesite Picture
Ed Jackman
Darren Sheppard
Judy Frank
Harold Brown
Charles Whitfield Andrews
William (Bill) Spencer
Blair Tuttle
Gravesite Picture
John Andrews
David Maxwell Mercer
No Gravesite Picture
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Allen Dixon
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Footstone Picture
Bernard (Bernie) Hill
Clyde John Boone
Gravesite Picture
Violet M. Boone
Wayne Boone
Malcolm William Greenland
Gravesite Picture
Nancy (Coutts) Boone
No Gravesite Picture
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